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PFC - Playing For Change

Wir hier von traveLink unterstützen "Playing For Change" !
Playing for Change ist ein Multimedia-Musikprojekt, das von dem Produzenten und Tontechniker Mark Johnson zusammen mit seiner Timeless Media Group ins Leben gerufen wurde. Das Ziel ist es, Musiker aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzubringen. Mittlerweile wurde auch schon eine separate Non-Profit-Organisation gegründet, die auf der ganzen Welt Musikschulen für Kinder baut...
Webseite Playing For Change:
Playing For Change Band | Curitiba benefit Concert, Brazil

Video: "Bring It On Home To Me" Playing For Change

This is the final PFC Song Around The World featuring both Roger Ridley and Grandpa Elliott together and serves as a tribute to them both for all the love and talent they have shared with everyone who’s ever passed them by on the streets. I remember asking Roger Ridley, “Why with a voice like yours are you playing music on the street?” He replied, “Man I’m in the joy business, I come out to be with the people.” Check out the amazing vocals of Roger’s sister, Alice Tan Ridley, recorded live in Harlem, NYC, as she sings her final song with her brother. RIP Roger, you live through the good we all create together in this world...
20:34 08.12.2017

Video Mali, Afrika: "Drapeau" Playing For Change

We are proud to share a Live Outside video featuring Habib Koité with Mamadou and Mahamadou Diabaté, and very special guest Roberto Luti. This performance was recorded and filmed live in Bamako, Mali on a recent trip to visit our PFC music school in the ancient village of Kirina...
18:38 26.11.2017

Honky Tonk Women @WoMo-Abenteuer: Das (blonde) Frauen-Forum

Das WoMo-Abenteuer wird dominiert von Frauen. Manche sind wirklich gut, was die Beratung zum Wohnmobil-Urlaub in Nordamerika angeht. Andere sind einfach nur BLOND. Das sind die wahren Honky Tonk Women. Und um sie, die wahren (blonden) Honky Tonk Women, geht es in der "Honky Tonk Women Series @WoMo-Abenteuer". Let's start Honky Tonk Women with Playing For Change (PFC).

02:39 11.11.2017

The traveLink network @Alfahosting: überholt

Die Domain ist strikt für die Social Networks konzipiert. Die Besucher kommen fast ausschliesslich von Facebook und Twitter. Heute hat mal wieder überholt: Wir hatten zeitweise mehr als 30 Besucher gleichzeitig. Doch wieviele Besucher könnten es sein, wenn da nicht diese verdammte PHP-Sperre bei Alfahosting wäre ? Stuck On You

00:37 01.11.2017

Video With My Own Two Hands | Playing For Change

We are thrilled to release our latest Song Around The World, “With My Own Two Hands,” by Ben Harper, part of a partnership with the international anti-poverty NGO, ATD Fourth World, and their #StopPoverty campaign...
19:57 09.10.2017

Video: Haiti Oh | Playing For Change

We invite you to join us as we travel to Haiti for a Live Outside performance of the song "Haiti Oh," featuring Haitian musician Jean-Francois Gay. Let this music lift you up and show that no matter how many reasons life gives you to cry, there are a thousand more reasons to smile...

20:15 02.10.2017

Video: Island Style - 'Oiwi E | Playing For Change

Jack Johnson and dozens of artists joined more than 1,000 Hawai’i keiki (children) in this beautiful medley. Weʻre excited to present our 2nd ʻSong Across Hawaiʻiʻ collaboration with Hawaiian nonprofit @Mana Maoli, filmed across many breathtaking Hawaii locations as part of their #ManaMele project, which features a Music & Multimedia Academy and Solar Mobile Studio with programs in more than a dozen schools...

20:42 25.09.2017

Video: Celebrating 10 Years of Positive Change Through Music | Playing For Change Foundation

The Playing For Change Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary, a decade creating positive change through music and arts education around the world. Free classes are provided in safe and nurturing environments for children residing in some of the most challenged environments on the planet....

Video: Playing For Change Day 2017

Playing For Change meldet:
PLAYING FOR CHANGE DAY was created in 2011 to unite the global community through the power of music. On Playing For Change Day, communities will gather as musicians and music lovers from all over the world perform on stages, street corners, schools, yoga studios, and cafes all with the goal of bringing music into the lives of young people...
20:06 23.08.2017

Video Biko: Playing For Change Band | Live in New York

"You can blow out a candle but you can't blow out a fire, once the flames begin to catch the wind will blow it higher." This summarizes the Playing For Change movement in which individuals can and will create a better world together. Enjoy this moving performance from the PFC Band recorded live at their recent show at the Highline Ballroom in New York City...
20:37 17.08.2017